Video « Le Terroir - Domaine de Chevalier »

“You might think it is difficult to make the most of Chevalier’s terroir to produce such a great wine. However, this is not so. This terroir is so exceptional, it produces superb grapes that ripen remarkably early as long as it is treated with the care it deserves… This having been said, great wine always comes from a difficult terroir, under trying conditions.
Paradoxically, the wine derives its greatness comes from such difficulties…
Also, a great terroir only yields great wine when nothing other than vines grows in the vineyard. I might also add that only a dedicated family is capable of extracting its essence.”

Chevalier’s unique terroir is partly due to the surrounding forest…
“By accentuating thermal contrasts, Chevalier’s terroir creates a greenhouse effect in summer, which obviously enhances ripening. However, it also accentuates the risk of frost at the beginning of the growing season.”

We have taken a number of measures to reduce this risk, the most important of which is partial deforestation…
Perfectly isolated, and without any immediate neighbours, the vineyard is in a single block. It has a high quality ecosystem without risk of outside contamination. Environmental disadvantages traditionally attributed to monoculture are largely compensated by the surrounding forest, which not only affords ecological protection, but is also a source of beneficial insects.

A deep understanding of the terroir
“To make the most of a given terroir, it is fundamental to know it intimately … At Chevalier we are perfectly in tune with the meagre, complex soil and unique environment. This enables us to do everything it takes to produce excellent wine: dealing with excess water in the soil, instituting high vine density, and giving priority to Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for the red wine and Sauvignon Blanc for the white wine…”Oliver Bernard