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“For me, the word domaine clearly relates to the notions of terroir and vines. To my way of thinking, these three fundamental values - domaine, terroir, and vineyard – are totally inseparable. Furthermore, I believe that if we were ever to lose touch with these values, we would be ignoring something absolutely essential …”

Subtle interactions
“The notion of domaine encompasses the subtle interactions between the terroir, a complex, physical entity, and the vines that grow there – even though the word also implies a wider concept encompassing history and socio-economic context”.

"The office phone also rings at my house. This reflects a certain state of mind, a passion for what I do. We don’t just shut down at five pm..."

A novel idea: the domaine
“I am very attached to this notion of domaine, because it comes from the distant past and represents values that I do my best to uphold today. This term relates both to Chevalier’s origins and the idea of balance behind all we do. It covers not only the way we produce wine, but also a way of life...”Oliver Bernard